Supporting a Community College System’s pledge through media relations.


When a new Chancellor was selected to run Colorado Community College System, they system also declared a new goal – to make higher education and workforce training affordable and accessible to all Coloradans. Incoming Chancellor Joe Garcia and his team wanted to be front and center in the higher education debate and partnered with Barefoot PR to elevate his voice on key issues through strategic media relations.


Barefoot PR partnered with CCCS’s government affairs and communications team to create a PR Roadmap and Subject Matter Expert Guide to manage our work. Next, we proactively pitched journalists statewide and crafted OpEds and bylines from Chancellor Garcia on key topics. We also supported system-wide communication by crafting e-mail letters from Chancellor Garcia that were distributed to the staff and boards at local community colleges. Our work also supported advocacy efforts on key measures related to the future of community college funding and oversight during the legislative session.

Our work resulted in:

  • Leveraging a leadership transition to elevate CCCS’s role in higher education
  • Stakeholder engagement in each of the 13 communities where CCCS colleges are based
  • Coverage of the leadership transition and other stories associated with the 13 colleges in the system by local television, public radio, newspapers across the state and national industry outlets (Barefoot PR secured more than 20 stories during our engagement)


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