Putting Privilege to Work

Hi! I’m Tara, Barefoot’s Senior Associate of Graphic Design. With the birth of my third child during the pandemic and a tumultuous 2020 for so many, there has been no better time to reassess priorities and ponder how I might be better at parenting and working with purpose, leaning into how I lead my children by example and show that true meaning can be found through service to others. I resolve to put my privilege to work, consciously flowing energy into brands doing good in the world.

I’ve thought a lot about my “why?” since starting a family nearly 8 years ago and have realized that engaging in projects supporting purpose-driven organizations makes the time away from my  family worthwhile. I must confess, I have had a mega crush on Barefoot PR since I started working with them on a contract-basis in 2017. Now, officially part of the Barefoot PR team in a more full-time capacity, I am lucky to work alongside some of the most thoughtful, intelligent and fun people that lead with heart in the work they do every day. The service we lend to our clients is unparalleled. In all my days working as a designer and developer in marketing and advertising, I have yet to find more passionate individuals working towards positive change within their communities. Though we are unified in our efforts, our team challenges me to seek out new ways of thinking and I can rely on our Slack #content thread to teach me at least five new things each day. Did I mention we have our very own book club? And we’re encouraged to volunteer? Egos are checked at the door and there’s sincere effort to help each other out at any time.

Here is a picture of my family (Louise, Hattie, Will, our dog Uncas) hiking in Betasso Preserve in Boulder Canyon, our backyard. Not pictured is our newest addition, Liam.

Parenting has given me more joy than I could’ve ever imagined, but couple my family with my work at Barefoot PR and I am truly fulfilled. Working with a diverse group of community-minded organizations helps me find purpose in my own life and through my work at Barefoot PR I hope to achieve a deeper understanding of how I might use my privilege to amplify the voices of the organizations we support to better the world for generations to come.

Finally, to share a bit more about myself, I’ve composed a poem, using George Ella Lyon’s work as a prototype:

Where I’m From

I am from a young mother without a mother but a great southern grandmother, From willow switches, hand-stitched britches, and collards wafting from the kitchen. I’m from fetching eggs from a coop and hand plowing vegetable gardens, eating string beans from the vine. From crafts and coupons, Rummy and religions with and without wine. From Fort Story and Hatteras, before the lighthouse was on the decline. I’m from backscratches, BB bullets (smack between my eyes), tractor tires, and makeshift snow sleds for the blizzard of ’89. From road trips on 95 south with Reader’s Digest big band collection coming from the radio. I’m from a horse named Hazy, dogs named Benji and Sinbad, and a Rat that was a cat. Captured turtles often disappeared during the night to the sound of whippoorwills and woogamoos. I’m from cotton fields not far from the salted air, from the Powhatan and swampy land with not much other than five brothers around. From softballs breaking glass, backyard camping, mud fights and “sleep tights,” sharing a room on Christmas nights. I’m from Sicily and Italy, which I’ve been told is rather rare. From a double sibling wedding which surely served homemade meatballs, iced lemon cake, and anise to toast the lovely pairs. Marie, Lucia, Angelina Grace, Angelo, Vito, and Salvatore. I’m from strong morals and selflessness, energy, diligence and commitment. From a family raising each other.

I’m grateful that all of these things have led me here, to Barefoot PR. Thanks for reading! I look forward to working with you.  

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