Making a case for collaborative community impact.


Mile High United Way and Comcast partnered to bridge the digital divide through Lift Zones, a program bringing free WiFi to community centers to support distance learning. The partnership was successful but required more support from community organizations and companies to spread across the entire state.


Barefoot PR drafted an op-ed to personalize the impact of the digital divide and call on community organizations and companies to join the effort. We framed the op-ed through the story of Janeaya Ramos, a 17-year-old student whose only option to connect to the internet for virtual schooling was at a McDonald’s. We added statistics about Colorado’s digital divide and the impact of the Lift Zone program. We also partnered with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s communications team to include a quote calling on more organizations to join the effort to bridge the digital divide. The op-ed ran in the Denver Gazette and was shared with supporters of both Mile High United Way and Comcast.

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The Gazette: A Partnership to Bridge the Digital Divide

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