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Using storytelling and a social media toolkit to increase engagement for members.


Following changes that impacted the organization’s external communications capacity, Community Shares needed to reengage its supporters, raise money for its programs and bring its community together to celebrate the organization’s 35 years of impact. With an in-person fundraiser out of the question due to COVID-19 restrictions, Community Shares asked Barefoot PR to plan and implement a virtual fundraising and engagement campaign that would inspire financial support and help supporters understand the role Community Shares plays in making Colorado a better place for all.


Barefoot PR’s team started by identifying the audiences we needed to communicate with, and the outcomes Community Shares wanted to achieve. Next, we created a theme, graphics and key messages to guide the campaign. We also built a promotion plan to coordinate communication efforts on social media, email and on other platforms. Our team wove the campaign theme and key messages through e-mail storytelling, social posts and video. We also brought creative thinking and online tools to the client to help ensure the event’s success.

Our work resulted in:

  • Raising 110% of the client’s fundraising goal
  • Increased social media engagement: +1,128% change in impressions, 876 engagements, 114 post clicks and 3% audience growth over the 35-hour event period
  • Overwhelmingly positive direct feedback from board members, alumni, donors and partners


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