Bringing continuity and relationship building to event communications


After experiencing staff turnover, the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation enlisted support from Barefoot PR, a long-time partner with institutional knowledge of the organization, to bring continuity the 9NEWS Leader of the Year selection process and promotion in the lead-up to their largest annual fundraising event – the Leading Colorado Luncheon. In its 25th year, we were also challenged with recognizing the legacy of the award through graphic design, key message development and event communications.


We first facilitated the selection process of semi-finalists and finalists for the 9NEWS Leader of the Year alongside 9NEWS and the Foundation. Once the three finalists were selected, we served as a liaison between the Leadership Foundation and each finalist to ensure they were supported and engaged throughout the voting process. We got to know their stories well and created themes and key messages for each finalist to use to support public promotion of the award and the public voting process to select the winner.

Also to support the promotion of Leading Colorado and each finalist, we developed a full campaign for the Leadership Foundation’s owned platforms, including social media and email. And we created a 25th anniversary logo and key messages to highlight the legacy theme. 

Lastly, we produced a series of videos to showcase each finalist’s story that were shared virtually during the promotion period and live at the Leading Colorado event. 

Compared to the previous year’s Leading Colorado Luncheon, the event had increased attendance with close to 900 attendees and the total fundraising amount was doubled.



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