Barefoot in the Community: Home Edition

As the Barefoot team continues to adapt to life at home, we wanted to stay true to one of our favorite traditions: nonprofit tours. While we couldn’t visit in person, each member of our team took some time to explore the many online opportunities to engage with our community. Take a look at what everyone learned and how you can support these great organizations.


Location: Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art
Why: Since  the museum was rebuilt in 2018, I’ve had it on my list of placed to attend. The stars never aligned until now. And I cannot wait to go back in person.
Most Memorable: I had no idea how much glassware the museum housed. I’m a huge fan of vintage glassware and have a small but growing collection myself. The displays of international decorative art were stunning and caught my eye for sure. I was also thrilled to see glassware and tableware displayed side by side with fine art.

How to Support: Do a virtual tour or explore the Process and Print exhibition online. Sign up for membership. Round up when shopping online through Donate Your Change. Find time to visit when the museum reopens – I know I will!


Location: Denver Zoo’s ‘Zoo to You Virtual Safari: Orangutans’
Why: Ever since getting up close and personal with chimpanzees and gorillas during a trip to Africa, I’ve had a tremendous reverence for Great Apes. We share an incredibly special connection with them that I wanted to recreate virtually.

Most Memorable: Apparently, orangutans really enjoy watching and observing the people who visit their exhibit, especially children. Right now, they aren’t getting that regular interaction with visitors, so it’s fair to say they miss us! 

How to Support: If orangutans aren’t your thing, the Denver Zoo is offering other free virtual safaris available on their YouTube channel. You can also help the Zoo name their new baby rhino calf. Every dollar you donate counts as a single vote and helps fund care for rhinos here and in the wild.


Location: Denver Botanic Gardens
Why: Signs of spring are all around and while we’re stuck inside more than usual, I figured I would find a way to go outside virtually. What better way to do that than at the Denver Botanic Gardens, a place where 24 acres illustrate an ever-widening diversity of plants from all corners of the world.

Most Memorable: I have been to the Botanic Gardens many times but I never realized how much amazing work they do as a nonprofit. I spent some time watching these virtual tours which immediately transported me outside. It also doesn’t hurt that each video is set to a beautiful, soothing soundtrack, making for an almost meditative experience in nature!

How to Support: While the Gardens are currently closed, you can still become a member so you can visit as much as you want later this year, or you can donate to support their mission of connecting people to plants and nature.


Location: Blue Star Recyclers
Why: I was Googling some ideas and Blue Star Recyclers came up. As an avid recycler, I immediately took an interest in not only what they’re doing but HOW they’re doing. Roughly 80% of their employees have autism or another disability. Their employees excel at their jobs, make good wages and the company has actually had other companies adapt their business model because of their success. 

Most Memorable: I just really liked seeing the joy and pride in the people working there. Plus, they have some pretty cool machines that show how hard drives and fluorescent bulbs are broken down.

How to Support: Blue Star Recyclers has locations in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. That SUPER OLD box tv I’ve kept in my basement forever and a day because I didn’t know where to take it? Well, it, along with some old fluorescent bulbs, will go to Blue Star when they are fully operational again.


Location: Kyoto Costume Institute. While it would be my preference to explore works of art while adventuring around the world, I find it truly incredible how I can be transported to a museum in Kyoto, Japan I may never have known to look for had it not been for this “tour from home challenge.”

Why: I chose to tour the Kyoto Costume Institute because I have always had a love of fashion – even if my own fashion choices don’t show it 🙂 – and with this year’s Met Ball being delayed I’m certain my online perusing of the most recent stateside costume exhibit will also be postponed.

Most Memorable: When I stumbled across this gem of a museum I was instantly fascinated by how clothing designers can not only capture the symbolism of a time and a culture, but craft wearable art that comes together in the most intricate of ways. I especially loved the pieces in theElegance and Splendor of the Haute Couture online exhibit and the beautifully constructed works of art in the Fashion in Colors: Multicolor online exhibit.

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