Meet Annabelle: The Newest Catan-Playing, Graphic-Designing Barefoot Team Member

I never struggle with the question: “how long have you been an artist?” The answer is not just a handful of years, but nearly as old as I am, which is 23 at the time of writing this. If you ask my mother, she would tell you I was painting the ceiling of her womb like it was the Sistine Chapel (I was a large, active baby). 

Postnatal, I often got in trouble for coloring the furniture with markers and crayons; bringing buckets of sticks, dirt, and bugs inside to create sculptures; and ripping pages from magazines my grandmother “planned to read” and was definitely not hoarding by the stack. 

Creating art wherever I could has been in my nature from a young and admittedly destructive age. What my family didn’t anticipate was that the scribbles on their furniture were telling a story of my future where I’d become the first in our family to graduate college, studying Art Practices and Graphic Design at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

My time at CU Boulder is one that I am so grateful for. I’ve met so many friends that have had a lasting impact on my life. Although the pandemic disrupted many of our activities, we were able to spend an overwhelming amount of quality time (my love language!), isolated around canned craft beer delivered to our door while playing Settlers of Catan with every expansion pack. We even acquired our own custom engraved game piece holders for Catan if you want to get real nerdy with it. Mine says “Lady Annabelle, The Royal Peacekeeper” because I cannot bear the idea of upsetting a trade or preventing a humble road from being built.  

Besides trying to hoard the most hex-shaped cardboard land pieces, my future goals include being the cool, artsy aunt that travels, listens, teaches, and exclusively wears large hemp harem pants paired with unique glasses frames. For now, I am the cool, artsy, older sister that drinks 30 ounces of green tea almost every day and rewatches the Lord of the Rings trilogy several times a year; the extended versions of course.  

Even the Eye of Sauron could see the women at Barefoot PR are building an indispensable fellowship, and will support each other to the ends of Mordor. To me, this means they all will have a major impact in supporting me as I create designs that serve a meaningful purpose and create visual solutions to support social impact. It’s an honor to play a strong role in visual storytelling for each client’s brand and mission. I can’t wait to grow my skills here. Thank you for reading a little bit about me, I know I’m excited to learn more about you! 

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