What to do about Dobbs

“Think about waking up one morning and finding you don’t have a voice in anything.”
-Christina Dalcher, Author of Vox

In the wake of the Dobbs decision, we have been silenced but are not silent. In one move the U.S. Supreme Court eliminated the constitutional right of 64 million Americans to make educated, independent decisions about what is best for our bodies and for ourselves.

This decision will have negative consequences for all of us, men included. It will impact those of us who are poor, LGBTQ+, BIPOC and systemically held back the most. The nonprofits, government agencies and socially-minded businesses we work alongside will have even more work to do to fill the gap left by this decision and to make sure every community is a place where we belong. 

It is difficult to find the path out of anger and into action and hope. But as a team of communicators there is one thing we can do right now – shine a light on people who have been and will continue to fight for justice.

Here’s what you can do to make sure your voice is heard.

DONATE: Join Barefoot PR in donating to Cobalt, a nonprofit working to make sure nothing stands between individuals and their health decisions.

LEARN: The Trans Journalists Association has helpful guidelines for Trans-inclusive language as we continue talking about abortion and reproductive health.

ADVOCATE: Support and volunteer with pro-choice people who are running for office through Emily’s List and learn about running yourself with She Should Run.

POST: Speak up and amplify your voice on social media. We’ve created graphics you can share here or download using the buttons below. 

CALL: Call or email your members of Congress and ask them to take action.

KNOW: The path forward is complicated. The ACLU has good information about what is at stake and likely to come. 

Social graphics for download or sharing

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