Meet Barefoot’s New Theater-Loving Director of Public Relations, Gail Bransteitter!

Growing up, I struggled to find a place where I fit in. I was painfully shy, barely spoke in class, and never wanted to draw any attention to myself. Additionally, I had a bad case of middle child syndrome and constantly compared myself to my sisters. To help combat my shyness and help me discover my sense of self, my parents signed me up for a variety of activities from sports to Girl Scouts to music and dance classes. I didn’t come out of my shell until I discovered theater. Being involved in theater gave me the confidence and sense of community that I was lacking. I found a place where I belonged and felt truly accepted.

While I was never fully comfortable as a performer, I loved being a part of the creative process and discovered that there is always a place for anyone to add value to a production. Theater is special because it is a truly collaborative art form. I am always inspired by a group of people coming together to bring a story to life and create meaningful experiences for audiences.

When I initially transitioned from the theater industry to the nonprofit world, it felt like a natural career progression, mainly because most performing arts organizations are nonprofits. They are similar in many other ways as well. Like theater, nonprofits require a shared vision, passion and commitment from everyone involved. Both fields use storytelling to connect with audiences, raise awareness and bring people together.

It has always been important for me to be a part of organizations that actively listen and amplify the voices of others. I feel lucky to have found these important qualities at Barefoot PR along with a team of passionate, authentic, talented, and values-driven individuals collaborating to “make the dream work.” The sense of belonging I felt discovering theater as a child is the same feeling I have experienced joining the Barefoot PR team.

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