Meet Barefoot’s Fall Intern, Katie!

Sitting in office, with the golden dome of the Denver Capitol Building in sight, the spikes of the city cathedral piercing the city skyline, buildings on the foreground of a beautiful Colorado fall afternoon, I find myself reflecting on how I have reached this point in my life– beginning my budding career journey with Barefoot PR.

I’ve always been creative at heart. As a girl growing up alongside the digital age, I would watch DIY videos on YouTube and try out the projects myself. From starting those frustrating box stitch lanyards to sewing pouches and hats, I’ve always loved the process of making something just as much as the finished product. 

Before I knew it, senior year of high school was here and I was met with the question: what do I want to do? When deciding on a major, I knew I loved listening to stories, whether that be a patient during a hospital volunteer visit or a stranger at a coffee shop. I wanted to learn more about humans. What stories shaped this individual? What makes them think the way they do?

This led me to study Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder. I knew I wanted to learn more about humans and the method behind our madness. Plus, getting a science degree would be satisfactory, right? Getting down to the nitty gritty of chemicals moving between cell membranes and the formation of memories really sufficed my curiosity. Despite climbing through my STEM courses, I still felt like something was missing: a creative outlet.

Luckily, my university offered a path that explored the intersection of technology, design, and media; everything I grew up loving. I enjoyed being able to play with visual aesthetics while having the challenge of parsing through coding languages. At the end of my college career, the looming question of “what now?” appeared once again. I thought obtaining a degree in the field of science would set me up for success, but deep down, I knew something else was calling my name.

And so, I decided to lean on what I knew best: creation! As I enter a new chapter, I want to hone my skills in design and technology so that I can powerfully tell a story through eye-catching visual elements. I want to create a way for communities and those with smaller voices to speak their minds. I want to understand how each individual came to be and what people can do as a collective. This led me to discovering Barefoot PR!

As the wispy white clouds feather the baby blue sky, I know I am in the hands of a wonderful, strong, passionate team. I am ignited with curiosity and eager to learn everything I can about storytelling and design. I cannot wait to see what is in store for me at this amazing company, where everyone is driven with purpose and care. I am so grateful to be working with Barefoot PR, where I hope to contribute a little piece to its masterful work. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make something together!

Written by Katie Dang, Graphic Design Intern at Barefoot PR

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