Happy Holidays from Barefoot PR!

Get ready to unwrap some holiday cheer and hunt for Barefoot’s festive secrets in our “I Spy” puzzle! 🕵️‍♀️ Every design is a jolly delight, from our team’s holiday favorites to hidden office Easter eggs. It’s a Yuletide treasure hunt brimming with purpose! 🎁🐰🎄

Listen along to our curated Barefoot Holiday playlist while you explore. 😊

Work with Heart ❤️

Lead with Trust 💅🏼

Purpose First ☕️

Make the Dream Work 💭

Words Matter 📝

Objects representing our team members (hover to reveal!):  

🍪 Sarah
A stocking and Christmas cookies
🥒 Annabelle
Holiday tradition, hiding the pickle ornament in the tree
🐶 Marley
A framed photo of her dog Pippa!
🐈‍⬛ Hallie
Her black and white cat Rollo and Christmas lights
🛷 Tara
Sitting by her brick fireplace + sledding with her children
🔥 Laura
Kitty snuggles by the fire
🐱 Zoe
Her tort cat, Sophie
🎿 Maura
A pair of skis
☕️ Gail
A hot cup of tea
😍 Jinha
Handprint ornament , like the one her son made for his first Christmas!
Christmas cookies and a comforting candle
🕎 Cori
Menorah , a stocking and dumplings she eats with her family during the holidays
🎁 Kathryn
Wrapping presents with scotch tape in Barefoot purple!

Can you spot our values? (pinpointed on image!)

💝 Cross-stitched “Work With Heart” 

💅 Trusty Teal nail polish for “Lead with Trust”

☕️ A “Purpose First” tea mug 

😴 Sophie “Making the Dream Work” (zzz) 

📚 “Words Matter” book 

🥳🙌 “ALL IN TOGETHER” – because we all contributed our favorite things to this design

Additional Office Easter Eggs:

🏠 Background pattern is just like the wallpaper in Barefoot’s office

🐑 A Dingle sheep that Sarah brought from her trip to Ireland

❄️ Barefoot logo burst snowflakes in the window 

🪟 Tile mirror frame bordering the frosted window

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