Designing a custom site to drive in-person engagement


After working with Barefoot PR on messaging, social media and PR, it became clear that Civic Center Conservancy’s website did not reflect their goal to drive visitors to Civic Center Park as a welcoming, thriving outdoor space. There was also confusion about the relationship between the Park and the Conservancy that runs its programs and activates the space year round.


Barefoot PR re-built Civic Center Conservancy’s website on a WordPress platform, which enabled us to utilize the more playful visual identity associated with the organization’s brand and social media presence. We gave signature events a prime place on their homepage to help drive visitors to the park. We also streamlined the forms process to make signing up for volunteer events easier and developed functionality for the site to be used as an effective communications tool to reach key audiences, including donors to support the nonprofit’s ongoing community programming.

In addition, we closed the Conservancy’s microsites in favor of creating separate pages on the new site to better demonstrate the organization’s role as the nonprofit behind these programs.

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