Infusing the customer-first spirit of employees into messaging.


In both customer and employee surveys, Denver Community Credit Union (DCCU) recognized the “customer-first attitude” of employees was its key differentiator. As the organization looked to refresh its messaging and brand, they reached out to Barefoot PR to guide them through the process of creating authentic, relatable messaging.


Barefoot PR began the process by reviewing DCCU’s existing surveys and brand analysis. Next, we met with key stakeholders, including staff, community partners and board members, to hear their feedback on the brand and messaging. Following our listening process, we produced a Messaging Platform that defined the organization’s purpose, differentials and selling points. Then, we trained key staff and leaders on integrating the messaging into their roles and introducing it to the entire staff team. We also consulted on integrating messaging into customer service training, new collateral, the website, marketing efforts and DCCU’s hiring processes. The new messaging also contributed to major decisions about the future of the credit union’s brand, a process put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Barefoot PR listened intently to diverse stakeholders, developing messaging that felt like home and that we are able to use throughout the organization. Everyone connected with their staff, from Board members of over three decades to brand new employees. Because of Barefoot, we have a clear understanding of who we are and who we wish to continue becoming.”

– Helen Gibson, VP of Strategic Outreach, Denver Community Credit Union

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