Reinforcing an organization’s foundation through messaging


The Empowerment Program has been a staple service provider for cis and transgender women living with HIV and transitioning out of the criminal legal system in Colorado for over 30 years. As the organization grew, Empowerment’s messaging siloed staff into specific grant and program areas, making it difficult for those closest to the organization to communicate the full scope of its services and impact to the community. 

In preparation for further program expansion, The Empowerment Program asked Barefoot PR to craft new, audience-informed messaging reflective of its current programs to propel them into a new phase of growth. 



Barefoot PR began the messaging process by conducting a period of listening and learning with the Empowerment Program’s community of alumni, partners and supporters. After combing through the organization’s existing collateral and messaging materials, Barefoot PR conducted community conversations with current and former staff, board members, program participants and funders to understand how they describe Empowerment.

Next, we delivered an audience-informed, research-based messaging platform that organized Empowerment’s programming into four key pillars: health, housing, education and employment. These pillars support staff in connecting their work to the broader purpose of the Empowerment Program. The messaging platform also included overarching organizational messages designed to communicate Empowerment’s impact, approach and purpose as an organization.

Finally, we trained Empowerment’s staff to use the messaging platform as a tool to connect participants to resources across the organization and educate the community on Empowerment’s long-time impact in the Denver Metro area.




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