Caraway logo

Giving life to a new community through visual branding.


Maiker Housing Partners is known for disrupting generational poverty through socially conscious community development in Adams County, CO. Owning and operating various communities in the north Denver metro area, Maiker works hard to ensure it offers healthy housing environments that result in thriving communities for individuals in need of safe, stable and affordable housing, as well as access to jobs, services, transportation and social engagement. As the public housing authority prepared to open Caraway, a multi-family, mixed-income affordable housing development with a portion of the units reserved for youth aging out of foster care, they recognized a need for an inclusive brand for the community that would appeal to the mixed demographic of the future residents.


Given our background working in partnership with Maiker and on behalf of human services agencies, especially those serving children and families in need of access to affordable housing and wraparound services, Barefoot PR leveraged our knowledge of this demographic as we initiated the branding process. We also worked closely with Maiker’s interior designer for Caraway, ensuring we were considering the researched building colors and aesthetics and incorporating them into the visual brand for the community. The result was a meaningful logo that was inclusive and appealing to the future resident demographic, and flexible enough for application on the exterior and interiors of the building.


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