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Renaming and rebranding to eliminate confusion


What’s in a name? StartupSpace hired Barefoot PR to explore a rename and rebrand to address confusion in the marketplace as the company prepared for national growth. Focused on helping economic development agencies catalyze the ability of entrepreneurs to build wealth, autonomy and improve opportunities for their communities, the company was in need of a new look. As a result of its original name, the company was frequently confused with co-working spaces and startup funders. Barefoot PR worked in partnership with the company’s CEO and marketing and business development teams to explore a name and brand that better represented its purpose.


Following a research-based messaging process, Barefoot PR built a list of unique name options that better explained the company’s work and culture. Together with the company’s leadership, we selected a straight-forward, descriptive name for the company. Next, we explored logo options. Economic Impact Catalyst, or EIC selected the final logo that is an amalgamation of bold letter forms reflecting the E, I and C from its name. They represent infrastructure and strength, set in a warm gray welcoming and energetic orange square. The brand book includes guidance for sub brands, co-branding with clients, color choice, typography, voice and tone, as well as photo selection – all designed to serve this growing company for a long time to come. CEO David Ponraj shared, “Barefoot PR immediately understood our vision and helped us rename our company and build a new brand identity that described us and what we do more accurately. Since the launch of our new brand, our clients and stakeholders have shared positive feedback on this effort. We couldn’t have done this without the Barefoot team.”

Economic Impact Catalyst Brand Guide
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