Barefoot in the Community: 2018 Recap

12 months, 12 nonprofits, 1 team. Our mission? Tour a different nonprofit organization each month to learn about their community impact.
The outcome?

  • Team building – Check!
  • Learning about the amazing work being done in our communities – Check!
  • Keeping community at the heart of what we do – Check!

With another year of tours in the books, it’s time to reflect on the nonprofits we visited in 2018. Check out our list and follow us on Instagram to see where we go next!

Mi Casa Resource Center

What They Do: Mi Casa Resource Center is committed to closing the prosperity gap for women, minorities, immigrants and families with limited resources, helping them achieve success in education, employment and business ownership.
What We Did: We visited Mi Casa’s new building, completed in August 2017. The new space features stunning murals by local artists and flexible workspace for the many programs they host throughout the year. We were particularly obsessed with the artwork – absolutely beautiful!

Access Gallery

What They Do: Access Gallery is an inclusive nonprofit organization that engages the community by opening its doors to creative, educational and economic opportunities for people with disabilities to access, experience and benefit from the arts.
What We Did: We headed over to the Santa Fe Art District to meet some of the wonderful and talented artists at Access Gallery. We were blown away by their artwork, which included pet portraits, center pieces and more.

History Colorado – Center for Colorado Women’s History at Byers-Evans House

What They Do: The Center for Colorado Women’s History at Byers-Evans House focuses on scholarship, research, lectures, tours and exhibits that expand the understanding and collective memory of the history of women in Colorado.
What We Did: We toured the famous Byers-Evans House in Denver where we learned about the inspiring women who lived in the house since the 1800s. As a women-owned business, we were feeling the girl power!

Freedom Service Dogs

What They Do: Freedom Service Dogs unleashes the potential of dogs by transforming them into custom-trained, life-changing assistance dogs for people in need.
What We Did: We got to meet some of the amazing pups and the volunteers who train and take care of them. At FSD, dogs learn to open doors, pick up items, pull wheelchairs, run for help, turn on lights and more than 50 other commands! We also learned that FSD does not charge clients for their services. They are truly making a huge difference for veterans and people with disabilities.

Blue Star Recyclers

What They Do: Blue Star recycles electronics and other materials to create local jobs for people with autism and other disAbilities.
What We Did: This was one of our favorite tours of the year! We got to meet some of the young men who work for Blue Star and they are simply amazing. We also learned that less than 20% of electronic waste is recycled and more than 80% of people with disabilities are unemployed. Blue Star Recyclers provides a solution for both.


What They Do: The GrowHaus is a nonprofit indoor farm in Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood. Their vision is to catalyze a neighborhood-based food system in the community that is healthy, equitable and resident-driven.
What We Did: We learned about food deserts, which are neighborhoods without easy access to grocery stores or healthy food. Luckily, GrowHaus provides healthy food options at their grocery store and they provide all sorts of other community programing too. We made sure to buy some treats at the grocery store on our way out.

Anchor Center for Blind Children

What They Do: Anchor Center for Blind Children provides early education and intervention services for children birth to five years old who are blind or visually impaired.
What We Did: As we toured the Anchor Center, we learned that the architect designed the building specifically for the blind. The specially tiled floors and notches in the wall all ensure children can move around the building much more easily.


What They Do: Wonderbound is a nonprofit, contemporary ballet company that lives at the convergence of tradition and innovation, vulnerability and courage, and intimacy and openness.
What We Did: Did you know all Wonderbound rehearsals are open to the public? We did! We watched the rehearsal for an upcoming Halloween-themed show and then sat down with Producing Director, Dawn Fay to learn more about Wonderbound’s mission. Not only do they put on fabulous performances, they also spend time in the community, spreading the power of dance to underserved kids and the homeless population.


What They Do: RAFT’s mission is to empower educators with affordable resources to build their students’ minds through hands-on learning.
What We Did: We combined our monthly tour with a volunteer day and we’re so glad we did! We got to explore RAFT’s spectacular warehouse of teacher supplies and were blown away by how many everyday objects can be used by teachers to create engaging activities for their students. We lent a hand by packing project kits for teachers – a fun and easy way to help out the wonderful staff at RAFT.


What They Do: SAME Café is a donation-based, fair exchange restaurant that serves healthy food to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. Their mission is to create community through healthy food access. 
What We Did: This nonprofit tour came with lunch! We tasted the yummy food at the first nonprofit restaurant in Denver while we heard from Executive Director Brad Reubendale about homelessness, dignity and the power of choice. We love the idea of eating good food while tasting others. We can’t wait to see what’s on the menu next time we visit!

Arrupe Jesuit High School

What They Do: Arrupe Jesuit High School is a Roman Catholic, co-educational, college preparatory school that serves economically disadvantaged students from Denver’s inner-city neighborhoods.
What We Did: We relived those good ‘ol high school days on our tour of Arrupe Jesuit High School. This college preparatory school is super unique because it partners with over 130 corporate partners to provide its low-income students with entry-level office positions in banking, law, medicine, finance, nonprofits and more to cover the cost of tuition.

BONUS TOUR: The Delores Project

What They Do: The Delores Project provides safe, comfortable shelter and personalized services for unaccompanied women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness. They also work to end homelessness by advocating for housing solutions.
What We Did: We went on a hard hat tour of the Delores Project’s brand new building! Arroyo Village will include a shelter facility, plus 35 units of low-income permanent supportive housing and 95 units of affordable housing for individuals and families in the workforce. The new facility is scheduled to open in 2019. We can’t wait to see the finished project!

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