Meet Jinha: Builder of Brands, Websites and Hotwheels Loop-De-Loops

I’ve always loved making things. There’s something about putting in hours of painstaking work with your hands that produces a special kind of pride when you can finally show off the tangible result. 

Jinha supervising her design apprentices Sam and Remy.

When I was a girl my grandma taught me to crochet granny squares and helped me sew my sister a skirt and coordinating top with little bows down the center (come to think of it now, I don’t think she ever wore it!). This progressed to over a decade in the fashion industry, where I designed clothes with fewer superfluous bows that people were hopefully more enthusiastic to wear.

When I transferred into the nonprofit sector, dedicating myself to a purpose-driven workplace filled a hole I didn’t even know needed filling. And that’s what brought me to Barefoot, where my job is the perfect mix of building something useful and helping fill a hole for someone else.

When I’m not on the web, I’m a full-fledged boardgame-playing-super-nerd (ask me about my Gloomhaven campaign, or how I played Pandemic throughout the pandemic). I run, hike, and snowboard my way through Colorado with my husband Ryan and our two boys, Sam and Remy, who love to build and create as much as I do, except for them it’s Legos, marble runs, and car tracks all the way.

I hope one day I can help you build something that would rival even the fastest Hotwheels loop-de-loop. Whether that’s a new website or a variety of design assets, I know the end result will make me beam with pride.

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