Meet Barefoot’s Summer Intern, Bridget!

I have been a natural communicator and creative storyteller since the moment I was born. As a newborn, I would communicate by making funny faces, resulting in my whole family laughing. To this day I cannot hide any of my emotions because my face betrays me. I started speaking in full sentences before I turned one, and I have not stopped talking since. Shortly after, I demanded that my mom write down the stories I told her. I also frequently corrected friends and family using the word “actually” to set them straight. 

Being the oldest sibling with two younger brothers, I have always been “in charge.” From an early age, it was clear that I am fiercely independent, incredibly persistent and love to laugh! Growing up in the active city of Denver, I learned to love being active, whether it meant skiing, playing tennis or dancing. Both tennis and dance encourage team members to use their individuality for the betterment of the group. As I got older, I began to notice that I always had an audience. Although I considered myself shy, I somehow managed to be the kid making my classmates giggle, the ballerina performing on the stage, or an athlete serving up aces on the tennis court. 

Graduating high school in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic and moving across the country to North Carolina for college, allowed me to grow as a person through new experiences. One of those experiences led me to live abroad and work in Milan, Italy last summer. While there, I learned so much about myself and the world we live in. I have a greater appreciation for people and cultures that are different from my own. I have embraced what makes me different from others while continuing to choose to be myself regardless of the situation. 

These experiences have all brought me to Barefoot. As soon as I started researching this fantastic company, I knew I just had to get this internship. A group of all women storytellers in Colorado? Sign me up! Already, they have embraced me with open arms and I look forward to becoming a better communicator in the professional world. I still make my friends laugh today, and I would love to make you laugh and hear your story!

Written by Bridget Murphy, Barefoot Intern

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