Meet Barefoot’s Newest Digital Storyteller, Mayte!

I have loved expressing myself through art ever since I was little, whether it was through painting, drawing, dancing or referencing films and music videos. I was fascinated by the entertainment industry and pop culture and would become obsessed with the most recent movie I watched or the new artist I discovered. With every new sci-fi film or animated adventure I watched, I was greatly inspired and I grew a profound curiosity for technology. Seeing cyber-punk set designs and alien CGI fascinated me, but I also found inspiration in the production of the stories themselves and the artists that made this magic come to life.

I graduated from CU Boulder majoring in Strategic Communications in the media design track and minoring in Creative Technology and Design. I took design classes that challenged the typical idea of “graphic” design – including crafting story design and user experience – and explored what it means to be a storyteller in ways beyond literally putting pen to paper. Thanks to my studies, I was able to explore the intersection between humanity, art, and technology and learn more about what motivates me as a designer.

Being bilingual, I also found a lot of motivation from my multicultural upbringing in a Mexican household. I honed into this part of my identity and learned to genuinely value diversity and celebrate inclusivity. My interest grew in serving underrepresented communities and leaning into social innovation. I was able to connect this to my career and find meaning in my work.

Fast forward to the present day, I was introduced to this inspiring PR and Design firm (which you might have heard of) called Barefoot PR. With each person I met or new thing I learned about Barefoot, a little spark of inspiration inside of me lit up. While there are no flying cars here, there is something far more valuable – a team with heart that constantly leaves me inspired. I am surrounded by forward thinkers and innovators. I am happy to be a member of a wonderful team of women who embody purpose first. I’m excited for what’s to come as Barefoot’s newest web design associate.

Written by Mayte Porragas Paseiro, Web Design Associate at Barefoot PR

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