What’s Trending in PR and Design in 2024

January calls upon us to explore how we might operate through a new lens. Maybe you’re starting a new workout routine, eating more vegetables, refreshing your communications strategy or trying to understand the full capabilities of AI.

At Barefoot, our team is pondering what upcoming communications and design trends will influence how we think about client work for the next 12 months. Here’s what should be on your radar for the Year of the Dragon. 🐲

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📰 We’ve seen successful nonprofit model news outlets like The Colorado Sun and Colorado Community Media flourish, and it appears that others are following suit. These models allow for hyper-local coverage in communities, editorial independence and a stable financial structure with support from donors and foundations. 

📰 As we head into an election year, combating misinformation and disinformation is crucial. Our words will matter as we craft language, provide clarity and continue to build trust with our audiences. 

Conscious design matters

🎨 What is true inclusivity? It’s representing the full diversity of human beings and their lived experiences. Barefoot is incorporating this lens through icons, graphics and other design elements. Representing people of all races, abilities and backgrounds is the standard. 

🎨 3D surrealism and earth-first design are a couple of fun trends our team are keeping tabs on. In particular, we love the concept of incorporating inspiration from nature to create a sustainable design that blends climate-friendly messaging too.  

The ever-changing world of AI

✏️ Capturing the authentic voice and tone for clients can be hard to pin down initially. Barefoot is experimenting with ChatGPT to input voice and tone prompts that can help generate copy to use on various platforms. For example, we can input client messaging and prompt ChatGPT to generate a “casual” and “fun” tone for Instagram. Small tweaks can save time!

🎨 Generative AI features are now available for use on design tools like Canva, Elementor and Adobe Firefly. How will these tools continue to change? While AI can save time, it’s equally important to consider how we can use it as one piece of the design process. In this CNBC article, Sven Travis, associate professor of media and design at the Parsons School of Design said, “It is about creating effective visual communication. AI can’t tell us when we have achieved effective visual communications.”

📈 Audiences like Gen Z respond positively to authentic social media content. While AI presents an opportunity to be more efficient with content creation, at the end of the day, we still know our audiences, their purpose and their motivations best. 

We’d love to explore new ideas and put them into practice for you! Want to make the dream work? Schedule a call with us. 

Written by Zoe Clemmons, Senior Strategy Specialist at Barefoot PR

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